32rd Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

International Festival of Photojournalism - 32nd edition

Festival · · Perpignan

29.08.20 → 27.09.20

Free Admission

Visa pour l’Image will therefore take place. Unless there is a new wave of the pandemic and despite an exceptional health situation which is paralyzing the whole world, the emblematic places of Perpignan will not be stripped of their images for this 32nd edition. Obviously, we are happy.
In these tumultuous times where the border between opinions and facts blurs a little more each day, where unverified information animates the debates of social networks up to the television sets, we think that Visa pour l’Image can bring several things whose era seems to be sorely lacking. From the background, the nuance and the perspective. Again, and always, the essence of photojournalism.

Jean-François Leroy

Anush BabajanyanA Troubled Home
Alfredo BoscoForgotten Guerrero
Sarah CaronThe Last Mohana People
Elena ChernyshovaSacrifice
Yasuyoshi ChibaChiba’s Africa
James Whitlow DelanoDrowning in Plastic
Bryan DentonDrought and Deluge in India
Sanne DerksManifiesto del Agua
Ronan DonovanWolves at the Top of the World
Emilienne Malfatto – Iraq: One Hundred Days of Thawra
Victor MoriyamaAmazon Deforestation
Axelle de RusséOn the Outside
Chloe SharrockSugar Girls
Nicole TungThe People Dissent
Peter TurnleyThe Human Face of Covid-19, New York City
Anthony WallaceOpposing Views
Ian WillmsAs long as the Sun Shines
I Can’t Breathe
The Pandemic
International Daily Press

Visa d’or
Visa d’or News Award: Fabio Bucciarelli
Visa d’or Feature Award: Bryan Denton
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: CNN.com (USA)
ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or Award – International Committee of the Red Cross: Alfredo Bosco
Figaro Magazine Lifetime Achievement Visa d’or Award: Jean-Pierre Laffont
Visa d’or franceinfos: Award for the Best Digital News Story: Le Monde & Camille Charbi

Prix et Bourses
Canon Female Photojournalist Grant: Sabiha Çimen
Canon Video Grant Short Film Documentary: Michaël Zumstein
Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award: Anthony Wallace
Urban Newcomer Photographer’s Grant sponsored by Google: Aïda Dahmani
Pierre et Alexandra Boulat Award: Jérôme Gence
Prix Photo – Foundation Yves Rocher Award: Mathias Depardon
Camille Lepage Award: Olivier Jobard
Ani-Pixtrakk Award: Odhran Dunne




Association Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan
Couvent des Minimes
rue François Rabelais
66000 Perpignan

Free Admission



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