31st Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

31.08.19 → 15.09.19

Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Bangladesh and Hungary are countries with a sad reputation for violations of freedom of the press, and unfortunately the list does not stop there.
We could add Malta, and even Northern Ireland. Occasionally there has been some good news: Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, the two Reuters journalists arrested when investigating a massacre of ten Rohingya civilians, were released as part of a presidential amnesty. In Egypt, Shawkan was released, but with restrictive conditions applying. In Bangladesh, Shahidul Alam has been released, for the moment, on bail. Any number of other examples can be found of journalists killed, injured or imprisoned, and every year the figures are shocking. All their names deserve to be cited. Since the beginning of 2019, 20 journalists have been killed, and 341 are in prison.
In France too we can see reporters targeted, attacked by demonstrators and police without any major public outcry. Causes and professional ethics must be defended; journalists’ sources must be protected. One day the European Union, or even the United Nations will have to reach agreement on the definition of a journalist. Conditions for issuing press cards change from country to country, and there should be a standardized approach so that all journalists have the same rights, which means, of course, that they have the same duties. But this is not the way things are going at the moment. Certain politicians, even in leading democracies, will readily criticize journalists for doing their job, particularly when reports might leave them in an awkward situation. The general public is increasingly skeptical and wary of the media. Everything needs to be reviewed; questions need to be asked for trust to be restored. The right to report on news stories and conduct investigations freely is a basic pillar of democracy. That should go without saying, yet it needs to be stated loud and clear, again and again.
In Perpignan, we shall continue to present stories from around the world. We believe in journalism, and our commitment is greater than ever.

Jean-François Leroy
July 2019


Cyril AbadIn God we trust: faith and eccentricity in the United States
Lynsey AddarioMaternal mortality
Guillermo AriasThe Caravan
Valerio BispuriPrisoners
Patrick Chauvel50 years on the front line
Olivier CoretFrance’s Yellow vests – Les gilets jaunes
Abdulmonam EassaThe unhoped-for end to the siege
Éric HadjMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Yellow vests, Sunday
Ed JonesThe Koreas – Across the peninsula
Alain KelerDiary of a photographer
Adriana Loureiro FernandezParadise lost
Kirsten LuceThe dark side of the wildlife tourism
Pascal MaitreThe Sahel in danger – a time bomb
Laura MortonUniversity avenue
Frédéric NoyLake Victoria, slowly dying
Louie PaluDistant early warning
Ivor PrickettEnd of the caliphate
Brent StirtonRangers
Kasia StrekThe price of choice
Goran TomasevicAnother civil war in Libya
Lorenzo TugnoliThe crisis in Yemen
Dar YasinKashmir : endless war
Alvaro Ybarra Zavala1984 Venezuela
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Visa d’or
Visa d’or News Award: Guillermo Arias
Visa d’or Feature Award: Frédéric Noy
Visa d’or Daily Press Award: Libération (France)
ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or Award – International Committee of the Red Cross: Abdulmonam Eassa
Figaro Magazine Lifetime Achievement Visa d’or Award: William Albert Allard
Visa d’or franceinfos: Award for the Best Digital News Story: Lorenzo Tugnoli

Canon Female Photojournalist Award: Anush Babajanyan
Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award:: Adriana Loureiro Fernandez
Pierre et Alexandra Boulat Award: Axelle de Russé
Prix Photo – Foundation Yves Rocher Award: Nadia Shira Cohen
Camille Lepage Award: Thomas Morel-Fort
Ani-Pixtrakk Award: Nicolas Krief

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