Rynshu, whose real name is Masatomo Yamaji, is a multi-faceted artist, creator, designer and director.
He draws his inspiration from what surrounds him, the society in which he lives, his impressions from his travels and his multiple passions.
His first public appearance took place in 1986, when he presented for the first time in Tokyo under the name of Ma-Ji Masatomo.
Five years later, his career took a new turn when he met Jacqueline Degioanni, then editor-in-chief of Vogue Homme International.
He then went to Paris under the name Masatomo Inc and opened his first Parisian boutique, Place des Vosges.
For the designer, heir to a Japanese legacy from the past, a name change symbolizes a new stage, a mutation, so in 2010, the brand takes the name Rynshu, then becomes Rynshu Inc in 2017.
In 2018, the company signed a contract with Sunscope Entertainment to produce an American version of its book “Black Legend”, published a few years earlier.
The couturier innovates, shaking up the codes and boundaries imposed by the genre, he wants the garment to be no longer gendered, but only appreciated for what it is: a creation.