Rynshu – Fall/Winter 2019-2020

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This season (FW19), the main theme of the collection is « Back Legend » A reminder of the book Rynshu published in January 2012.
If the designer decided to dedicate this collection to his previous book « Black Legend » it’s because he’s now associate with Sunscope entertainment for the international release of this book in partnership with Ron Cobert
Rynshu, is once again playing with the gender codes.
With his high vision of the word and of the aesthetics, the designer wants to give a new definition for the masculine elegancy.
Rynshu also plays with the length of the silhouettes.
On the front of some jackets/coats you will discover an eye _ Black Legend’s main hero’s eyes.
You will also notice that the fringes are used in many ways.
In one hand, it could be seen as tears and on the other hand it is a meaning of celebration.
To continue with the idea of celebration another theme appears in this Fall / Winter 2019 collection: the entertainment circus.
Those circus patterns are on the shoes, the coats, the jackets, the pants and also for the master accessory of the collection: an XXL silk and embroidered scarf.
This masterpiece can be worn, in so many ways.
It also does exist in several colors (black, yellow, red, purple and green)
The wigs, that you are used to see on the Rynshu’s fashion show are made of natural hair.


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Lookbook Fall/Winter 2019-2020 (pdf)