Rynshu – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Paris ·


In his early stages already, RYNSHU dreamed about a quality men’s fashion, in the formal and elegant style, to wear on a daily basis. Dream become reality.
This new collection is inspired by the tulip, a flower discovered in the 16th century. One day, in a wild region of Turkey, a man found by chance an elegant flower, of a magnificent red, on the edge of a cliff. He returned the bulb in the Netherlands … And the tulip spread worldwide.
The autumn / winter 2016-2017 collection of RYNSHU is not inspired by the red tulip but by the black tulip, for its rarity.
We find the couture fabrics dear to RYNSHU and a unisex style: a black material with an exceptional touch embroidered with flowers in 4 colors, enhanced by Swarovski, is used in lining, for an effect vest on shirt, to dress the bottom of collars or still the lapels of wrists.
Golden embroidered silk flowers are applied between 2 light veils for some outfits.
The key fabric of the collection is the Jacquard loom: black lacquered with peony and rose motives, silk Jacquard with black and red hexagonal or squared motives, or still crocodile ultra light Jacquard. Shirts with scarf collars adorn themselves with polka-dot Jacquard, in various materials.
Python, mink and swakara are black.
The exceptional Kurozan leather, the “diamond” of the leather, unique in Japan, comes this season in red lacquered touches.
The snake surrounding the R of RYNSHU is hand embroidered on leathers with black pearls.
RYNSHU proposes this season an asserted and modern silhouette, while adorning itself with noble couture fabrics.


Tokyo – Japan



Sylvie Grumbach
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Lookbook Fall/Winter 2016-2017 (pdf)