Rynshu – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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In Rynshu’s latest collection, the theme of freedom is predominant. Indeed, the designer used the Japanese words Kakkoii and Kawaii as inspiration.
The fabrics he chose demonstrated creativity in that his creations were both androgynous and sensual. Some of the pants presented are large and ample while others are more slender and rangy.
The word Kakkoii, Japanese for “cool”, can be seen specifically in the lapel of the jackets. Also, the back of the short pants are cut off and many pins can be put on it, emphasizing the punkish accent. In its appearing simplicity, Rynshu’s intricate work often includes drapes, especially on the back, showing an underlying sense of sexuality.
Kawaii or “cute” can be seen as a recurring theme throughout Rynshu’s career. After his creation of the “MAJI Kun”, he has decided to innovate and present the “MAJI Nyao” (cute rocker cat) and the “MAJI Bu” (cute little pig). Those two will be made as pin’s, allowing us to wear them as we please.
We can find the “MAJI Nyao” and the “MAJI Bu” in Rynshu’s latest novel and photography book: “Adventures of MAJI Kun”.
The exploits of those two heroes will be available for purchase in English or Japanese on June 30th 2013 on the website www.majifriends.com.
Moreover, the fabrics Rynshu used throughout his collection like wool, Jaquard, satin and soft leather underline the transition from light to darkness, also seen through his choice of color.
The designer added a new color to his template: orange satin, incorporated right to the soles. Through these new additions, Rynshu is evolving while staying faithful to its essence.


Tokyo – Japan



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Lookbook Spring/Summer 2014 (pdf)