The Première Vision Paris fashion team: an international observatory of creative materials.

In order to offer relevant and quality fashion information and seasonal orientations coherent with the reality of the sector and adapted to the multiplicity of international markets,
Première Vision has an expert in-house fashion team that works each season on the elaboration of effective fashion ideas and inspirations in their diversity and differences as in their complementarities.
This team, in constant contact with the exhibitors of the Première Vision shows, which include
the most influential companies in the fashion industry, is an important pole of observation of what is happening in the fashion industry most creative and innovative in the industry. As an example, more than 20,000 fabrics pass through each season in his hands.
International buyer surveys, analyses and ongoing consultations with an international panel of influential professionals in the sector (manufacturers, brands, personalities…) complement the work carried out internally by the experts of the integrated fashion team.
The fruit of all these exchanges on colour and material trends is then translated into orientations and inspirations developed and staged through films, documents or digital tools, but also in the dedicated areas at the trade fairs.

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Première Vision Fair – Fall/Winter 21-22 Season

The Global Event for Fashion Industry Professionals

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Made in France Première vision

All the actors of French fashion meet at the Carreau

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