Première Vision Fair – Spring/Summer 18-19 Season

19.09.17 → 21.09.17

The fashion orientations for the Autumn – Winter 2018 – 2019 season

A season that takes fashion to its most demanding dimension, one that appeals to emotion and creation, one that carries a strong voice, sometimes disturbing but always willing and sensitive to carry the future towards a resolutely positive dynamic.
A warm and offbeat season that anticipates, with an effervescent creativity, new visual and tactile vocabularies. The materials and designs that choose originality drift towards humour or verge on strangeness.
A season that poses as an adage a charming and rebellious “nothing is normal” to shake up the elegance of insolence and bewilder the convention of phantasmagorical imagination.
A season in which colour expresses itself as a message and pushes to the anti-black sling with dark and muted shades. It exalts itself in associations of super plain with lively shades. It plays with vibrant colours of new changelings, subtle iridescences, and clean, fuzzy cloudy effects.


Première Vision


Marie-Laure Girardon
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