Première Vision Fair – Fall/Winter 17-18 Season

13.09.16 → 15.09.16

The fashion orientations for the Autumn Winter 2017 – 2018 season

Deeply understated or joyously theatrical, colours seize on colourful darks to extract joyful glints. Stabs at austerity are undermined by the delicate tones of new skins or energetic fruity hues, with more and more sophisticated finishings. Calmness and intensity promise deliberate and explosive ways of using colour.
Fantasy is conveyed with panache, humorously verging on eccentricity. From the raw material yarn or skin, to the grounds, print patterns and structure of accessories, surfaces are lively, expressing ever more personality. Patterns play on delusions of grandeur, inventing extravagant proportions ready to cover the body with generosity. Shine settles in, with an emphasis on mirror-reflections, liquid metallics and a luxurious lustre.
The regularity and uniqueness of tones and surfaces are asserted in a big way, sensuously unseating caricaturish wear or previous types of soil marks. Uniform grains, diagonals and herringbones, quite even quiltings and perfect, never stiff, plains promise softened and majestic silhouettes.
Handles free themselves from any attempt at anonymity. They fill suppleness with creaminess, underline the natural side of fibres and skins, exaggerate the need for comfort and the softness of cosiness, and further extend the power of stretch from feather-light skins right up to coat weights.

An appetite for the new revealed itself at Première Vision Paris, to build fashion that is exacting down to the very last detail, and exciting in its largest expressions, fashion that  both disturbs and amuses.


Première Vision


Marie-Laure Girardon
+33 1 42 33 93 18


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