Première Vision Fair – Fall/Winter 19-20 Season

19.09.18 → 21.09.18

The fashion orientations for the Autumn – Winter 2019 -2020

Autumn winter 19/20 chooses solidity and tactile and visual abundance without overload. This season chooses originality as a differentiating factor, it delights in joyful, sporty and sensual multiplicity. It has fun with fantasy and imperfect harmony, it proposes clear solutions on the mechanics of eco-responsible and aesthetic innovations. It is setting the pace for a new casual, elegant and comfortable style, drawing on workwear and functionality to shake up the nobility of materials and shapes.
The range of colours, articulated in joyful movements, the attraction of colours to each other to create harmonies in the silhouettes of the different markets for women, men, sport and casual. Particularly noteworthy are the warmth of the roussis, the solidity of the neutrals, the virtuosity of the mid-tones, the impertinence of the false primaries.
Shades of mineral hues, graceful warmth, neutrals finely sprinkled with pigmented splinters compose with subtlety, cheerfulness and casualness the masterpieces of the colour of autumn – winter 19/20.


Première Vision


Marie-Laure Girardon
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Dossier de presse Innovations & News (pdf)