Première Vision Fair – Fall/Winter 20-21 Season

17.09.19 → 19.09.19

The fashion orientations for the Autumn – Winter 2020 -2021 season

A season of change and shift towards a new tailoring and eco-responsible fashion, concrete, attractive, innovative, qualitative and quantitative. Materiality plays the virtuoso and defiles perceptions, it plays on surprises between weight and touch, visuals and behaviours. Fantasies and colour combinations, deviated from their classic temptations, are exalted with strength and ingenuity, always with great subtlety and finesse.
The colour range gives pride of place to the dark depths of false blacks and tender neutrals, infused with roses and incarnates. The browns are strongly represented in accessories and shoes. Colourful harmonies in silhouettes where soft tones on soft tones, two-tone colours with measured contrasts, and nocturnal luminiscences bring vigour and richness to the materials.


Première Vision


Marie-Laure Girardon
+33 1 42 33 93 18


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