The roof of the Grande Arche, perched 110 m high at La Défense, opens to the public again on June 1, offering the most beautiful terrace in the Greater Paris area.
The venue features a “promenade bridge” with a spectacular 360-degree view, a restaurant, a snack bar, three amphitheaters, a bookstore and a 1,200 m² exhibition space: The Arch of Photojournalism.
Jean-François Leroy, founder of the Festival Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan, is the artistic director of this new exhibition space. Every quarter, he programs there the exhibition of a major figure of photojournalism or a young talent in the making, a witness of our times.
As the Arche du Photojournalisme aims to be at the heart of current events, the space has an additional 200 m2 for the presentation of short-term exhibitions related to current issues.