Men’s fashion designer Boris Bidjan Saberi was born on September 11 in Munich to an Iranian father and a German mother. This date has become emblematic and inspired the name of his additional line “11” (pronounced “eleven”) for this numerology enthusiast.
At a very young age, Boris was immersed in the world of clothing … Middle Eastern and Western cultural influences play a founding role in his creativity: to the rigor of the structured forms of the West, he mixes those, more fluid, of the Middle East.
In 1996, his very personal reinterpretation of Levi’s models and military clothing inaugurated the spirit of his future collections. In 2003, Boris ventured into leather work and created his first handmade accessories. At the same time, he pursues his studies of fashion and model making in Barcelona and graduates in 2006.
Over the years, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s identity has been asserting itself: his experimental and artisanal work rivals the creations of the most prestigious luxury houses. In 2007, Boris created his own brand, eponymous, and set up his workshop in Monistrol (Spain) before transferring it to Barcelona.