Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Paris ·


Fueled by harsh climates and a highly engineered background, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s Spring Summer 2017 collection leads us on a journey into the complexity of technological advancement.
Suggestive of the sensory palette in a post apocalyptic world, with the smell of corroded mechan- ics and melted tires, the road drifter silhouettes show a precise equilibrium of some type of man- machine dichotomy.
Seemingly built by an invasive technology, the articulated garments highlight the geometry of the body, while revealing functional tailored details. A range of open elbow jackets and protective lazer- cut vests with modular lining pair with thermo-sealed canvas parkas with metallic taped seams.
Built inside-out or outside in, demonstrating the complexity of their construction, the clothing acknowledges the engineering procedures that led to their crafting.
Resin dyed stiff cottons, along with coated horse and kangaroo leathers shape versatile jackets and wrinkled drop-crotch pants. Fine-gauge knits, raw silk and paper-like textiles display a highly contrasted spectrum of materials.
Sleeveless trench coats and oversized getaway backpacks are seemingly cut from a cracked earth like surface, then appear as hand painted leather, adding a distinctive sulfuric shade to the mineral palette of the collection.
Dry, earthy tones are followed by rusted metallic colors. Beaten steel, iron, brass and copper are
As if covered by melted rubber and fuel stains, these wounded apparats receive latex, vinyl and wax treatments, forming a protective wardrobe for futuristic tribes.
become exoskeletons. Shifted, cropped and elongated, all created by a combination of both hand and machine skills and technology, these all out dystopic Western garments draw a yet to be seen masculine silhouette, brought to us from the post-humanism age.
The technological emphasis of the collection is further underscored by a range of exclusive object dyed footwear designed in collaboration with the mountain brand Salomon, for the additional line 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi.


Boris Bidjan Saberi
Barcelona – Spain



Sylvie Grumbach
Hugo Howlett
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Lookbook Spring/Summer 2016 (pdf)