Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Collection

Paris ·


With this collection, Boris Bidjan Saberi is looking at his paternal Persian side and goes on an imaginary journey to Mongolia as the Mongolian Dynasty used to even encompass Iran, the birthplace of his father.
Saberi’s collection is artisanally made in Spain and this time he invented new leather jackets with puffer interiors to represent ancient Mongolian amour plus using their traditional hats.
Always an organic designer first, Saberi found his breathtaking new color palette of peppermint greens and patina blues from oxidization experiments with real copper. A move forward from last season’s “Brutalism” collection.
His shapes are strong on big volumes this time mimicking Mongolian shepherds and their protective tents. These garments often come in several layers of differently processed cottons in different hues.
This collection also sees the birth of a new Levi Strauss inspired miner jacket with Loden details at the collar in hybrid cotton leather versions.
Object-dyed seam taped parkas featuring backs where an overlapping technique allows for 3D effects are new. This creates protection and new surfaces at the spine area of the long and short cashmere coats.
Footwear is in collaboration with French boot maker Salomon and 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi  featuring a new GORE TEX mountain boot. Also, newly molded tough high boots made with a layer cushion technique in all leather add innovation.


Boris Bidjan Saberi
Barcelona – Spain



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