Laurent Ballesta – 100 Photos for the Freedom of the Press


On the occasion of World Oceans Day, RSF publishes its 64th album for the freedom of the press with Laurent Ballesta.

In partnership with the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, this album, whose foreword is signed by Nicolas Hulot, is in line with albums committed to the celebration and preservation of living things.
With thirty-three years of diving, the naturalist photographer collects records and praise. Whether he takes us into the icy waters of Adélie Land or in the middle of a pack of Polynesian sharks, this sea lover embarks us on an oceanic adventure of abyssal beauty. Looking back on the great expeditions that have marked his career, RSF offers a panoramic vision of the work of this ocean lover, an accomplished photographer, scientist and great soportif.

Original contributions by Emilie Blachère, Luc Jacquet, Vincent Munier, Denis Ody, Erik Orsenna, Catherine Poulain and Ian Urbina.

Photo credits

© Laurent Ballesta


Reporters sans frontières

On newsstands and in bookstores on July 2, 2020
143 pages


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