Mansour Martin – Fall/Winter 21-22 Collection


“Living Rooms” invites you to discover a universe inspired by furniture design and brutalism. The wardrobe is entirely unisex.
We discover shades of green on a sweater handmade in Brussels, on a parka whose shape has been rethought with straps at the end of the sleeves. Brown for a dry wool inspired by upholstery fabric and dyed with natural pigments, used to make a bomber and a coat with buttons on the sides. Mottled gray and black are used for tailoring and the new stripe on oversized shirts.
The wardrobe also features pieces borrowed from the essentials of a craftsman’s uniform. A pair of pants with multiple pockets made from a mix of ecological and upcycled materials. An overshirt, also with several pockets, made of recycled wool.
Fetish” pieces. A lined suit in English wool with slits in the back seam and on the sleeves, allowing a glimpse of the striped shirt worn underneath the piece, and creating a sensual silhouette. Black varnish in “upcycled” material found in Brussels, for shorts and a shirt.

Finally, innerwear, leggings, lycra tops, as a second skin, complete the collection.

Photo credits

© Benoît Bethume


Mansour Martin


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