Created in Paris in 2019, Mansour Martin takes its name from the two Belgian designers & funders: Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard. Their friendship started over 10 years ago. Today they combine their respective experiences and complementary artistic expertise to create a conscious and respectful menswear wardrobe inspired by architecture, urban modern living and pop culture. Animated by multidisciplinary arts, they invite and collaborate each season with different artists: painters, design agencies, dancers, photographers…
Their creations are genderless and explore the diversity of the genres, for both men and women, for all identities, with no boundaries.
The products are handmade in France and Belgium by independent couturiers, ateliers and manufacturers. The brand offers a multitude of sustainable innovations, discovered during a tour of Europe. Each collection is a panorama of conscious and respectful solutions.

Graduated from both La Cambre in Brussels and the IFM, Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. He worked as a stylist for fashion brands in New York and Paris, while developing personal projects creating theatre and dance costumes. He currently lives in Brussels.

Was introduced to sewing at the early age of four by his grandmother, a sewing teacher. He graduated in Fashion and Design Management from the University in Paris. He has worked in Marketing, Communication and Creative Project Management for major fashion, entertainment and perfume brands. He lives in Paris.

Mansour Martin has become MWORKS.