The Look of an Artist – Frida Kahlo by Lucienne Bloch

Paris ·

15.12.20 → 23.06.21

Frida Kahlo’s life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and fascination. One only has to look at the success of the books and other exhibitions created around her name to realize the impact she has on the public.
Julia Gragnon, director of the Galerie de l’Instant, had the chance to visit the exhibition “Frida Kahlo, Appearances can be Deceiving” in New York and admire dozens of photographs, including a delicate portrait (self-portrait with necklace), taken by her friend, Diego Rivera’s assistant: Lucienne Bloch.
A few days later, Julia came across this photo again, which she was able to afford. She then decides to show it on Instagram by adding the tag @LucienneBloch. A few hours later, Julia receives a message from her granddaughter, thanking her for her post!
Thanks to Instagram and one year later, Julia and Lucienne (the little girl with the same first name as her grandmother) organize this new exhibition of portraits of Frida Kahlo, simple and powerful portraits of this immense artist, this truly extraordinary character that was Frida Kahlo.

Photo credits

© Lucienne Bloch, Courtesy Galerie de l’Instant, Paris


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