LUX 2.0 marks a new venue, enriched by an innovative stage set that invites you to explore dialogues between the visual and performing arts. LUX 2.0 asserts itself as a unique national stage and a center of contemporary cultures, centered on plural images: exhibited and projected, scenic and spatialized.
Dance, music, digital arts and cinema intersect there and invent their correspondences, reflect their facets and push back the boundaries. These exchanges prove to be experiments, participate in the understanding of our world, of our time and its mutations, while offering crossroads and opening points of view. LUX 2.0 has been developed with a desire to be anchored in the present and to open up perspectives for the future, a development that is reflected in its architectural renovation.
LUX 2.0 is a member of the association Scènes nationales: worthy heirs of the creative movement of the maisons de la culture initiated by André Malraux, located on both sides of France and as far as the French Overseas Territories, the 70 Scènes nationales, which today employ more than 1,700 permanent staff, offer nearly a million hours of work to temporary entertainment workers, and alone have a total of more than 3.5 million admissions. They are also one of the leading centers for artistic education and cultural activities in the regions, especially for young people.