The beautiful season for children and young people

Valence ·

15.01.15 → 15.12.15

How does art come to children and how does it help them grow better?
What can the experience of performing arts bring to our youth as a founder and irreplaceable asset? How can we awaken and cultivate the curiosity of the younger generations for contemporary creation in all its forms?
And how can musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists… together with professionals from the cultural sector, mobilize in each region to offer children and adolescents more regularly the dazzling, emotional and intelligent experience of encountering works of living art? Every day in our country, thousands of artists, as well as the mediators and educators who accompany them, work to answer these questions through their actions and their creations.
It is to highlight this vitality and commitment, the strength and quality of an artistic creation that is increasingly turned towards youth, and it is to act on the future that the Ministry of Culture, with the artists and professionals most invested and voluntary, have decided to place 2014 and 2015 under the sign of a Beautiful Season with Children and Youth.
La Belle saison opens up a vast space for initiatives and visibility, for dialogue and debate, for artistic invention and the exchange of best practices in favor of a renewed and decisive role for art in the lives of our young citizens.


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