« Y voir clair dans le méli-mélo de la photo », le Livre Blanc of Good Practices


 «Seeing clearly in the hodgepodge of photography», the White Paper of good practices

Initiated by Les Filles de la Photo, the Report on Good Practices is the result of a consultation with all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
This unpublished book aims to encourage good practices between photographers and decision-makers in the sector, thus working for a better mutual understanding and greater efficiency in daily work.
Highlighting the realities and issues – often poorly understood – of the various stakeholders, this book also compiles recommendations and concrete advice aimed at streamlining relations between photographers and their interlocutors.
This book will be available to all in digital format, free, and in print at a price of 18 € from January 10.


Lancement du Livre blanc des Bonnes pratiques dans les processus de sélection
Ce livre sera accessible à tous en format numérique, gratuit, et en format imprimé au prix de 18€ dès le 10 janvier prochain.

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