Unsung Heroes

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09.11.19 → 27.11.19

Unsung Heroes, They Break the Silence
Denis Rouvre – Photographs and testimonials

Built jointly by Médecins du Monde and Denis Rouvre, this photographic project brings together some 60 portraits and testimonies of women in a book and an exhibition.
They were all met in the fields where the association carries out its humanitarian programmes and all tell the story of the institutional, societal, domestic, moral and physical violence to which they are exposed.
Unsung Heroes (Unsung Heroes) gives us the opportunity to see and hear the injustice done to women around the world. But also their act of resistance, their commitment, their will to change consciences and defend their violated rights.

Art Direction: Fany Dupêchez, Pascal Michaut / Art Photo Projects

Photo credits

© Denis Rouvre pour Médecins du Monde


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