(Re)belles dentelles by on aura tout vu

Caudry ·

24.03.22 → 24.12.22

Caudry, the main manufacturing center of Leavers lace, is unanimously known by renowned designers and couturiers from all over the world.
Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, the creators of the Parisian fashion house On Aura tout Vu, known for its surrealist style combining humor and derision with craftsmanship and tradition, have shown a strong interest in Leavers lace made in Gaudry since their creation in 1998.
This loyalty to the lace companies in Caudry is reflected in creative collaborations around the reinterpretation of lace, particularly in terms of innovative finishing.
Through the prism of lace, the exhibition presents about thirty unique models and accessories from the collections of the last 20 years. Shaking up the traditional image of this fabric, these creations reveal the inventive techniques that the On Aura Tout Vu designers have experimented with to appropriate and adapt it to their universe.
The museum thus invites the public to take a new look at lace by showing that thanks to the overflowing and daring creativity of these designers, it is constantly being renewed to become part of an avant-garde fashion.

Curator of the exhibition : Claire Catoire


Musée des Dentelles et des Broderies de Caudry
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