Still Life by Stephan Vanfleteren

Paris ·

11.11.23 → 13.01.24

For the past ten years, Stephan Vanfleteren has been photographing dead animals in his studio in daylight. This intense work is the Still Life series. It naturally refers to classical painting with the captivating light that enters the artist’s studio. This soft light is part of the tradition of ancient and contemporary masters. With his meticulous know-how, his artistic heart and his inexhaustible vitality, Stephan Vanfleteren makes us both witnesses and accomplices of a crime committed under reflections.

Stephan Vanfleteren, one of the most renowned photographers in Belgium, has been creating very intensively in his studio in recent years. The new book Atelier dedicated to him Hannibal Editions, is the sum of this work.


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