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Didier Grumbach, une vie entre création et industrie

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Arrived in fashion barely twenty years old in the mid-50s, Didier Grumbach will have throughout his career, largely participated in the great evolutions of this profession, from the emergence of ready-to-wear for fashion designers to internationalization of brands or the emergence of creators, and as demonstrated by successes as dazzling as those of Mendès, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche or Thierry Mugler. As a man of projects, in the same movement he created or supported a number of bridges between entrepreneurship and creation, and played a central role in bodies such as the French Fashion Institute, … Testimony of a man of his century, from a childhood shaken by war to the will to move the lines and to transmit, this work also draws the portrait of a man of culture, passionate about talent and his forms, from fashion to contemporary art.

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