As early as 1988, Didier Grumbach imagined that the Domaine des Oseraies and the collection it houses would become a place for meetings and lifelong learning, where fashion and contemporary art, professionals and young people in training, local residents and the international public would meet.
Rich in some 300 works, the collection, built up over a lifetime of passionate amateurism, lives in the house from room to room, but also in the park, where a dozen or so contemporary works have found their place. Paintings, sculptures and photographs trace the path of an enlightened collector in the last half-century of contemporary creation. Loyalty to certain artists, the friendship of a few gallery owners, and the desire to accompany visionaries can be seen in the very singular choices he has made.
Situated in the commune of Faverolles, two buildings have hosted the works over the years: an old 17th century farmhouse surrounded by a moat and a more modern house with one floor, on the edge of an alder forest. Furnished with furniture that is itself representative of the major currents of 20th century design, these two dwellings integrate the pieces of the collection into an informal hanging, which reflects the intimacy of living with them.
The Domaine des Oseraies is a place inhabited, in every sense of the word, by a man and his collection.



Mémoires de Mode

Didier Grumbach, une vie entre création et industrie

· Paris