Festival Les Étoiles du Documentaire 2020

Paris ·

06.11.20 → 08.11.20

Cancelled due to the covid 19 pandemic, the films are programmed online thanks to the historical partners of Les Étoiles, Télérama, Tënk, KuB.

Editorial by Carmen Castillo, President of the jury of the Stars (excerpts)
“The documentary is made of this paradox, it is at the same time the personal vision of the author and a strong availability, an attentive listening of the other, of the others, it is a subjectivity in act and an opening on the world, carried by the desire of an unknown to discover and to reveal. There is a total freedom of the mind and it is this freedom that makes films powerful and attractive. Formatting is a closure; by the imposed figures, by the repetition of the same, by the lack of personality, it generates boredom. Formatting only encourages calibrated, predictable responses. The documentary opens up questions.
The meeting of an author’s gaze, of people and stories from elsewhere, has given back in this critical period of thickness to our daily life, a line of perspective, a horizon. »

The 2020 jury chaired by Carmen Castillo was composed of Jennifer Deschamps, Joël Farges, Samuel Lajus and François Reinhardt.


The 2020 Award
Au temps où les Arabes dansaient by Jawad Rhalib
Belinda* by Marie Dumora
Coming out by Denis Parrot
Delphine et Carole, insoumuses by Callisto Mc Nulty, Written by: Callisto Mc Nulty, Alexandra Roussopoulos & Géronimo Roussopoulos
Torture propre : une invention américaine by Auberi Edler
La Face cachée de l’art américain by François Lévy-Kuentz
Falconetti by Paul Filippi
Goodbye Jerusalem* by Mariette Auvray & Gabriel Laurent
Le grand Bal* by Laetitia Carton
L’Homme a mangé la terre by Jean-Robert Viallet
Le Liseré vert by Gilles Weinzaepflen
M by Yolande Zauberman
Madame Saïdi by Bijan Anquetil & Paul Costes
Manuel de libération by Alexander Kuznetsov
Miss Mermaid by Pauline Brunner & Marion Verlé
Mon nom est clitoris by Daphné Leblond & Lisa Billuart-Monet
Le Monde selon Amazon by Adrien Pinon & Thomas Lafarge
Nofinofy* by Michaël Andrianaly
Overseas by Sung-A Yoon
Le Pacte Hitler-Staline by Cédric Tourbe
L’État contre Mandela et les autres* by Nicolas Champeaux & Gilles Porte – Graphic Animation: Oerd Van Cuijlenborg
Religieuses abusées, l’autre scandale de l’église by Marie-Pierre Raimbault & Éric Quintin, in collaboration with Elizabeth Drévillon & Gwenaël Giard Barberin
Rencontrer mon père by Alassane Diago
Retour à Kigali, une affaire française by Jean-Christophe Klotz
Samouni Road* by Stefano Savona, written by Stefano Savona, Léa Mysius & Penelope Bortoluzzi
Selfie by Agostino Ferrente
La Tête et le coeur by Gaël Breton, Edouard Cuel, written with Hans Bourbon
Une nouvelle ère* by Boris Svartzman, written by Boris Svartzman & Laurine Estrade
Vacancy by Alexandra Kandy Longuet
Village de Femmes* by Tamara Stepanyan

*These films were supported at the writing stage by the Scam’s Brouillon d’un rêve grant.


Photo credits

Photo: Denis Dailleux / Agence VU’
Design: Catherine Zask


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