Le Carreau du Temple opens its program with « le corps sous toutes ses coutures »

Paris ·

25.04.14 → 27.06.14

This first opening weekend offers everyone the opportunity to discover or rediscover the sublime iron and glass building after its great transformation orchestrated by the Milou artchitectures studio.
“The body in all its stitches” is the thematic editorial line for the opening. Like most of the activities programmed, this event proposes to explore the body in all its forms and states, the body in relation to many disciplines: circus, sport, dance and theater, music and voice… As part of this multidisciplinary program, which goes far beyond the performing arts, audiences also have the opportunity to discover the inventiveness of new fashion and design designers and the incredible aesthetics of certain physical and bodily practices.


Carreau du Temple
2 Rue Perrée
75003 Paris



Martial Hobeniche
Caroline Comte
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Programme de mars à juin 2014 (pdf, in French only)