Former covered market built in 1863 in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement, the Carreau du Temple is a multi-purpose facility consisting of a large Hall, a concert hall and sports halls, offering a sports, cultural and event program.
It offers the general public, as well as associations and schools, over large time slots, public service activities in the fields of sports, arts and culture. At the same time, the site develops commercial activities, mainly events, in order to ensure its economic balance and to have the necessary resources to carry out its own programming.
The Carreau du Temple is an extraordinary space that brings together and broadens the field of possibilities by breaking free of disciplinary and social boundaries. Its objective is to bring artistic and sports disciplines to life, discover and share them with audiences in their diversité́, from amateurs to professionals.

2eBUREAU took care of the venue for 5 years.
We accompanied the launch as well as all the events produced by the Carreau du Temple.