La Quinzaine de l’Entorse – 3rd édition

Lilles ·

06.04.12 → 24.06.12

Tame a giant mikado made of competition poles, wet your jersey in an exhibition to play and dance, climb a poem, slide to the sound of the turntables at a roller-derby party, perfect your art history in a minigolf, discover the city as a playground, encourage hip-hop boxers, share a weekend of “lipstick and mouthguards”…
These are just a few of the artistic and sporting spring events with La Quinzaine de l’Entorse, from April 6 to June 24, 2012.
Since its creation, the festival La Quinzaine de l’Entorse has shaken up prejudices and built bridges between two worlds whose practices and audiences ignore each other and do not mix: art and sport.


La Quinzaine de l’Entorse


Martial Hobeniche
+33 1 42 33 93 18


Dossier de presse (pdf, in French only)