Asterix – 100 Drawings for Press Freedom


The album is published to coincide with the release of Asterix and the Griffin. This 68th album in the RSF collection, 100 photos for press freedom, was produced with the support of the Albert René publishing house and the commitment of Anne Goscinny, Ada Uderzo and Sylvie Uderzo to the association.
This is the second album in the collection devoted entirely to the 9th art.
The adventures of Asterix are in themselves a veritable vademecum of resistance: the world’s most famous Gauls have been urging us for more than sixty years to say no to all oppression, without ever giving up our joie de vivre. A vision that Reporters Without Borders shares.
What does it mean to resist like a Gaul? It means playing David against Goliath, a situation familiar to RSF. It also means making fun of oneself, which allows for fraternity.



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Press kit  (pdf, French only)