The Villa Méditerranée was born from the desire of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region to create an open, intelligent and unifying place, committed to reflect the Mediterranean today as a living and complex basin. In addition to presenting remarkable architecture, the Villa aspires to become a symbol of dialogue between cultures and the construction of a space of peace and cooperation.
It is a place dedicated to experts and networks.
The Villa Méditerranée is positioned as a place for meetings, reflection and exchanges between all the actors of cooperation in the Mediterranean. Citizens and experts will share times of debate on current events and projects in this Mediterranean space.
It is also a place of exchange and exploration for all.
An inspiring place to live will give everyone the opportunity to learn, to be surprised, to debate and to better understand the reality of the Mediterranean today. The Villa Méditerranée will invite all audiences to revisit their own history, providing them with keys to reading the Mediterranean space.