Villa Méditerranée – Openning

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A building with bold architecture!
This building is designed by the architect Stefano Boeri, a committed actor of the Itelian political and cultural scene and professor of urban planning. His career is part of a humanist tradition that makes him particularly sensitive to the transformations taking place in the Mediterranean world.
“The first intention of the project was to bring a piece of sea inside the building… It is the main element of union that guides, animates and organizes the whole project”, explains Stefano Boeri.
The architect has designed an extraordinary building that develops its spaces above and below the sea and is distinguished by a spectacular cantilevered overhang of 40 meters, above a 2,000m2 articifical basin.
A true technical feat, it is, to date, unique in Europe by its capacity to accommodate the public. The upper level, with a roof 19 meters above the pool, will house a 760m2 exhibition area, connected by a footbridge to a 150m2 hall and surrounded by a free-access belvedere.
The base of the building is located under the 2.25-meter deep basin. In the agor located on this level, an auditorium can host shows, conferences and film screenings.
On the outside, the concrete skin, pierced with openings, has been designed like a ribbon running through the entire building, from its rear façade to its roof, through the underside of the overhang.


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Villa Méditerranée
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