“Ideas aren’t meant to be thought about, they’re meant to be lived.”
André Malraux

Since 1994, the year of its creation during the siege of Sarajevo under the emblematic patronage of André Malraux, many artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, translators have supported the André Malraux Center in Sarajevo and its director, Francis Bueb. Many of them made the trip to express their support, to accompany its intellectual and moral commitment, to honor the French cultural presence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
In 2004, for its tenth anniversary, the Georges Pompidou Center paid tribute to this place of resistance and encounters. One year earlier, Jean-Luc Godard had made it the heart of a feature film, Notre musique, and Enki Bilal a character from Le Sommeil du Monstre. The city of Sarajevo awarded the André Malraux Center the Prize of April 6 (anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo in 1945).