Transphère #3 – The Emotion of Belief

Paris ·

25.01.17 → 18.03.17

Rei Nato

Emotions de croire, new exhibition by Rei Nato, a rare artist in France who has built up an international reputation with his minimalist and conceptual creations. A moving work, refined and conducive to meditation. On a pedestal are irradiated and melted bottles, witnesses of the Hiroshima catastrophe and its consequences. Small sculptures in human form, entitled human, are placed next to these bottles. Their presence is a symbol of hope. These artefacts do not hide their fragility, underlining that of existence, and compose a new place of memory. Expressing the inexpressible, Rei Nato’s work invites contemplation.

Photo credits

Rei Naito, émotions de croire, 2017
© Graziella Antonini


Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris
101 bis Quai Branly
75015 Paris


Martial Hobeniche
Daniela Jacquet
+33 1 42 33 93 18


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