Toilet Paper

Paris ·

06.07.16 → 10.09.16

Galeries Lafayette is inviting TOILETPAPER to celebrate summer in Paris. As from 6th July, creative duo Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari will spice up the Galeries Lafayette store with a display window sequence, an exhibition at Galerie des Galeries and an installation beneath the dome.
Photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari first met artist Maurizio Cattelan when capturing him on camera more than ten years ago. The magic worked and the pair went on to create the experimental art magazine Toiletpaper in 2010. In a class of its own, the image-only publication features carefully constructed photographs in a unique time and mental space.
On the surface, the composition shots in Toiletpaper have a quaint, slightly retro feel to them – an artful way of drawing us in before catching us off guard as we realise what we are actually looking at… Intriguing, comical, startling – the images in Toiletpaper are guaranteed to leave their mark. Toiletpaper’s assemblages are of course inspired by “found images” taken from the internet and magazines: breaking down prevailing codes of fashion, advertising and cinema is the duo’s leitmotiv. On top of this comes an eclectic mix of forms: from consumer items and food to animals of all kinds, perhaps alluding to the artistic work of Maurizio Cattelan.
The main reason why the duo originally opted for a magazine as a platform for their art was to ensure the images circulated among the widest possible audience.

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