Saule et les Hooppies au Centre Pompidou

Paris ·

24.02.19 → 31.03.19

Commissioned by the Centre Pompidou, Saule et les Hooppies is an itinerant musical tour that offers an awakening to art and culture for children aged 5 to 10.
Combining design, storytelling, music and dance, Saule et les Hooppies makes children aware of their role in saving the planet.
Saule et les Hooppies has been designed to travel throughout France and abroad. This project bears witness to the Centre Pompidou’s longstanding commitment to conducting experimental and innovative projects with artists. At the initiative of Corinne Rozental, this is the designer’s third collaboration with the Young Audience department after Modul’home and the Blobterre de matali, which was a great public success and is still touring


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