Rynshu – 2024 Spring/Summer


Bitter Sweet Romantic

LOVE that begins dramatically can be sometimes dangerous and endlessly beautiful…
The silence before the storm is a curtain-raiser of dramatic summer.
My heart confused because of a sudden encounter.
The harmony in romantic colors swayed with soft and warm breeze.
Fluffy dresses with sensual organza ln a delicately overlapping pastel color palette. One summer afternoon when clouds just begin to coyer the sky. Quiet murmuring, light fluttering.
Precious memories, my heart is singing.
My feeling reaches to you in deep blue resort skirt with silk satin and organza cut and layered like feathers. The moment for two is melting elegantly in tailored styling.
Flare, waving shadows and drape all over each other.
The red, yellow, black and white art patterns embroidered like burning heart that can be freely handled from the top, bot tom, right and left to create jackets, half pants, dress and boots. Enjoy various styling just for you and follow your heart.
The scent of grassy and dewy petrichor was ripe with pleasant.
The flowers are wet and sparkle that sewn and layered with elegant tiny green, purple and black sequin on delicate net fabric.
“The storm is coming.”
Wet eyelashes give off a luster in the eyes staring at the bonfire.
Before the dawn, the clouds over the sea reflects my heart.
The black organza sewn with fluffy padding in three dimensions like clouds floating in the sky takes us to the mysterious modern monotone memories.
The beautiful shiny blue X navy lurex jacquard makes ennui shading in blue melted painful and sweet emotion into it.
Various tailored and dresses are faceted sharply, dynamically, sometimes softly and tenderly.
You can feel the elegance swinging between stillness and motion.
The morning light shining through the cl ouds illuminates the future of this dramatic summer LOVE.


270 rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris



Sylvie Grumbach
+33 1 42 33 93 18