Rynshu – Autumn/Winter 24-25


【 Eyes On Fire 】

RYNSHU 2024-25 Autumn/Winter collection makes the Neo-Chic worldview of RYNSHU created by Rynshu and Rieco YAMAJI. “The passion that resides in my eyes” guide me towards the future…
The clear midwinter air makes the cityscape twinkle shine.
When I arrived at the terminal, I feel so excited to see the space filled with multinational energy. The monochrome stones corridor pasted on octagonal patterns has a quaint feel and the footsteps of people hurrying ahead echo lightly. The aroma of coffee is coming from the lounge, and it makes me comfortable. “… about an hour left until departure.” I sat on the sofa by the window and watch the people leave. Then, a man wearing a long black coat sat on the seat in front of me. The jet-deep black silk stretched double crepe fabric, the impressive maxi silhouette and the sophisticated cutting made it look like no ordinary person.
A wild beard was visible from the hat wearing over his eyes. “I like this town…” the man continues in a low voice. “I feel the power to create new things and an elegant spirit that appreciates culture in this country, don’t you think?” he said and then showed a photo. A woman wearing a white dress made of oriental jacquard sewn in overlapped hexagonal tortoiseshells pattern and soft silk triple organdy is so elegant and pretty bride smiling happily with tears in her eyes. The groom, their families and friends are wearing gorgeous tailored pieces that are perfect for celebrating the beginning of their journey. It also brings a smile to my face. The black textile woven with bundled sustainable recycled-threads together has an uneven texture and exquisite shading for a healthy and stylish look. The jacket and pants made of material like leather was cut that look like a traditional craft combined with the silk and also with the silk chiffon lined dress exuded dignity and blessed the love birds with envious eyes. The black flowers with lurex on delicate silk was woven in three layers looks like art and the back is cut boldly that the sunlight shines through it so beautifully. The fine sequins sewn into the white and black floral pattern shine lustrous and reflect a sense of exaltation. In contrast, the second photo shows a world of black mode. A black silk dress with a sharp cut, a couture dress with an artistic curved arch. The phonogram art is cut into like scales and sewn on the film fringe. Above all, the women wearing dresses are so beautiful that it takes my breath away. The moment that touched their hearts. The charm of each person, like their way of life is beautifully reflected on both photos.
When I looked up, no one was there. Another photo was placed on the table.
It’s me. I’m in the photo. The letters “RYNSHU” are woven into the jacquard jacket in three dimensions. The stretch fabric hugs my body and makes me face my life-sized self.
It takes courage but it is important.
To live as myself. To focus my passion and then find “something” beyond that.
Step by step, start a new journey. Stitch by stitch, create with all of my heart.
The church bells ring in the distance. It’s almost time to leave.


Tokyo – Japon



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