Photomed – 5th edition

Sanary-sur-Mer ·

28.05.15 → 21.06.15

For this 5th edition, while remaining faithful to our editorial line, we seek to remain a reflection of the evolution of Mediterranean photography: “Discover and rediscover” remains the principle proposed by Jean-Luc Monterosso from the outset.

Art directors: Philippe Sérénon & Simon Edwards

Mediterranean Expression, from poetry to engagement – Video Art
Édouard Boubat – Encounter with the Mediterranean Sea
Tony Catany – The Office of the Shadows
Gabino Diego – Women and children first
Alvaro Sanchez-Montanés – Unprepared and unsorted
Luis Vioque – An imaginary journey
Jorge Ribalta – Works 1987-1990
Minot-Gormezano – The Drunkenness of the world
Lebanon – Beirut in Motion
Karim Sakr – Beirut Street Photography
Randa Mirza – The Pigeon Cave
Kutlu Bag – Turkish postcard collection
George Georgiou – Fault Lines
Arno Brignon – Free Doors to Spain: Gibraltar
John R. Pepper – Evaporation
Angelo Antolino – Women of the Camorra
Emma Grosbois – Those who are watching us
Vasantha Yogananthan – Piemanson
Alessandro Puccinelli – I Travelled the 7 Seas
Philippe Joachim – Apnea
Bruno Boudjelal – Traffic
Photographs of Provence with Henri Del Olmo, Pascal Fayeton

Photo credits

© Édouard Boubat
© Alessandro Puccinelli
© Gabino Diego
© George Georgiou
In Front: © Alvaro Sanchez-Montanés


Festival de la photographie méditerranéenne

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