17th Photo Festival La Gacilly

01.07.20 → 30.10.20

For its 17th edition, the Festival Photo La Gacilly, celebrates Latin America and brings to light a photography impregnated by the complexity of its history, crossed by revolutions and hopes, by the tangle of its customs, between Western dreams and shamanic beliefs, by the ardour of its society, marked by violence and a formidable desire to live. All these photographers, from Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, or Argentina, are rooted in everyday life, showing the diversity of people, exploring urban chaos, denouncing a nature that has been damaged, without being devoid of poetry, inventiveness or humour.

Viva Latina !
Emmanuel Honorato Vázquez – The forgotten photographer of the 1920s
Sebastião Salgado – Gold
Marcos López – Pop Latino
Luisa Dörr – Mulheres
Cássio Vasconcellos – Beyond beauty
Carolina Arantes – The green gold rush
Pablo Corral Vega – The hymn of the Andes
Tomás Munita – Patagonia’s cowboys
Martin Bernetti – Emergency
Pedro Pardo – Dark horizons
Carl de Souza – The revolt of the indigenous Amazon populations
Preserving biodiversity
Greg Lecoeur – Journey to the center of the sea
Nadia Shira Cohen – God’s Honey
Emmanuel Berthier – The Morbihan sanctuaries

Fisheye – Festival Photo La Gacilly Competition
David Bart – Chine 0.06
Coline Jourdan – The blackness of the red river
Sébastien Leban – Tangier, the forgotten island

Photo credits

Right to the Left
#1 – Poster of the 17th edition of La Gacilly Photo Festival – Designed by Atelier Michel Bouvet
#2 – © Luisa Dörr
#3 -© Marcos López
#4 – © Greg Lecoeur


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