Philippe Halsman – 100 Photos for the Freedom of the Press


With this 63rd album in its collection, RSF unveils a new formula!

2020 is an opportunity for the album collection to get a new look and to offer enriched content, centered around highlights, encounters, poignant testimonials, and acidic portraits of the ever-growing enemies of press freedom. All this is served by a redesigned layout to make the organization’s actions more concrete and accessible.
And who better than the legendary photographer Philippe Halsman to embody this revival, he who invented Jumpology!
Marilyn, Dali, Gide, Bardot, Montand, Einstein… Philippe Halsman has immortalized all the literary, artistic, cinematographic, political and sporting events on the planet. Pillar of Magnum Photos and star of the magazine Life, he unraveled the hidden personality of his subjects in complex and joyful settings, culminating in the “jumpologies” that made his legend.

Original contributions from: Hatice Cengiz (fiancée of Jamal Khashoggi), Sonia Devillers, Pierre Haski, Michel Hazanavicius, Philippe Labro

Photo credits

© Philippe Halsman/Magnum Photos


Reporters sans frontières

En kiosques et en librairies le 5 mars 2020
150 pages


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