Patrick Chauvel – 100 Photos for Press Freedom


Thirty years ago, Reporters Without Borders published the first issue of its 100 photos for press freedom collection.

Thirty years later, RSF has chosen to pay tribute to Patrick Chauvel, a legend in the profession. The tribute is reciprocal, since the photographer is publishing his first photographic work, with a new layout.

“It is up to us, journalists, to seek the truth and to spread it by all means. Faced with the inevitability of events, our judgment is put to the test and the photographer’s eye only transmits what he sees: a snapshot of war. But as there are always several photographers, several journalists on the same conflict, this succession of testimonies will end up telling the “battle-history”, as close as possible to the truth of the facts.
Patrick Chauvel


Reporters sans frontières



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Dossier de presse (pdf, French only)