Obsession Dietrich

Paris ·

15.02.22 → 15.03.22

Exhibition of photographs by Edouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout presented at the Galerie du Passage – Pierre Passebon.
40 works by the duo, based on Pierre Passebon’s collection of photographs of Marlene Dietrich

“Pierre Passebon is a collector out of the ordinary, capable of gathering more than five hundred photographs on the unforgettable interpreter of The Blue Angel and, at the same time, of being interested with a greedy acuity in comics, the myth of Tarzan or even masculinity in Western iconography.
It was during a chance meeting with photographers Édouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout that the idea of a commission was born: to create a mise en abyme of his collection.
Édouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout have thus developed a new form of photomontage based on the immediacy of Instagram and the possibility of communicating images from a distance. They mix, as a DJ would for music, the different photographs they address and on which they react live.” 

Jean-Luc Monterosso


Galerie du Passage – Pierre Passebon
20-26 galerie Véro-Dodat
75001 Paris


Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30am to 8:30pm




Sylvie Grumbach
Martial Hobeniche
Hugo Howlett
+1 42 33 93 18


Dossier de presse (pdf, French only)