Maurizio Galante Haute Couture

Fall Winter 21-22 Collection

Entitled Destined, Maurizio Galante’s Haute Couture collection is the second video presentation panel of his triptych celebrating Paris and Parisian women.
Staged at the Arab World Institute, (Institut du monde arabe), where the Mashrabiyas’ traditional patterns of artistic Arab geometry on the building’s facade carve shapes and figures in light and shadow, casting a fantastic imaginary forest.
Glass elevators transport a magnificent creature while alternating in a hypnotic chase. Iconic model Amalia Vairelli interprets the rhythmic sequences in her gestures, pauses, and gaze.
The ancients believed that the answers to life’s great questions lay in the sky, in the reading of the stars. The collection thus pays homage to light and movement of the night sky and its constellations, and to those precise moments when the sun dips below the horizon, giving way to the first stars of the evening.
Small cropped tops in translucent organza are coupled with wide trousers in linen and silk canvas. Cloaks, kaftans and evening dresses sway around the body like passing clouds. Pleated Bermuda shorts comprised of strips of silk canvas. Silk thread crochet bolero embroidered with freshwater pearls. Swirls in jersey for a short dress. Large architectural collars marry with narrow volumes that envelop and wrap around the body. Ethnic shapes and constructions contrast with loose fluid fabrics. Ultralight silks adorned with ribbons and embroideries in oriental motifs.

Galanterie Haute Jewellery
A ring composed of gold branches imprisons a large citrine stone. Large gold earrings in geometric shapes.

Colours: chalk, sand, pastel green, Nile green, gold, bronze.



Maurizio Galante


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