The Zooms 2011


THE ZOOM of the photo press
12 editors-in-chief or managing editors each nominate an “emerging” professional photographer (French or living in France), still little known or not recognized enough, that his or her sponsor will want to reveal to the general public. They will vote on September 13. The jury will be presided over by the Academician Lucien Clergue. The winner will be honored with an exhibition of 20 of his or her photographs at the Salon de la Photo.

The jury
Dimitri Beck, Polka magazine
Sophie Bernard, Images magazine
Guy Boyer, Connaissances des Arts
Stéphane Brasca, De l’Air
Guy-Michel Cogné, Nat’Images
Didier de Faÿs,
Agnès Grégoire, Photo
Sylvie Hugues, Réponses Photo
Ronan Loaëc, Chasseur d’Images
Nicolas Mériau, Image & Nature
Vincent Trujillo, Le Monde de la Photo
Bruno Waraschitz, Déclic Photo

THE ZOOM of the public
The public vote takes place on the Salon de la Photo website: from June 1st, the nominees are presented there, with 5 photos each, their biography and the praise of their respective sponsor.
The vote (the result of which will only be revealed on October 6) will have been closed on September 13 to allow time to proceed, with the elected photographer, to the printing of his 20 photographs which will be exhibited at the Salon de la Photo.

Zoom of the photo press: Alexandre Parrot sponsored by Réponses Photo
Zoom of the public : Emmanuel Boitier sponsored by Nat’Images


Photo credits

© Alexandre Parrot
© Emmanuel Boitier
In Front: © Alexandre Parrot


Le Salon de la Photo
Paris Expo
Porte de Versailles


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Caroline Comte
+33 1 42 33 93 18


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