Le Salon de la Photo 2012

Paris ·

08.11.12 → 12.11.12

The Salon de la Photo is the meeting place in France for everything that makes photography with brands that offer their new products of the year and exhibitors more and more numerous.
The Salon de la Photo, partner of the Month of Photography 2012, is pleased to pay tribute to the talent of the inspiration behind the agnès b. collection. (if only through a part of this collection), through a selection of works that agnès b. has chosen on the theme of “La jeune lle dans la ville” (The young island in the city).
About sixty photographs, running from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day and confronting works by Brassaï, Walter Evans, Diane Arbus, or even Martin Parr, Martine Barrat,… to name only a few names among the dozens exhibited, the others not being of lesser importance or notoriety! And if we have to summarize from A to Z, it will be from the American Berenice Abbott to the Italian Franco Zecchin.
The MEP’s collection of more than 20,000 works covers the second half of the 20th century. In this collection, there are many illustrious photographers and talents still little recognized.
On the occasion of this exhibition, Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and I have selected, on a theme that is deliberately light and serious at the same time – love – images often emblematic of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Frank Horvat …, but also less well-known and sometimes unpublished photographs, such as those of Claude Alexandre, Bernard-Pierre Wolff, or even the famous Italian photographer, Mario Giacomelli. The ensemble thus offers itself as a nuanced portrait of love through all the ages of life.
The exhibition Sonia Sief!
When Sonia Sieff is asked why she became a photographer, she answers: “It’s simply because I couldn’t do otherwise. »
Born in photography, Sonia Sieff participates for the first time in a collective exhibition at 18 years old. She will then work for Elle, Vogue Italie, De l’Air… Her favorite fields are fashion, portrait and nude. She has notably photographed Sister Emmanuelle, Yan Pei Ming, Natalie Portman, Eva Green, Kate Moss … and this year the exhibition at the Salon de la Photo.

The winners of the Zooms
– PHOTO PRESS ZOOM: Sébastien Hameline – presented by Guy Boyer – Connaissance des arts
– PUBLIC ZOOM: Kyriakos Kaziras – presented by Guy – Denis Voyard – Déclic Photo

The Grandes Rencontres are organized by the Salon de la Photo, directed by www.photographie.com and hosted by Hervé Le Goff.
“Les Grandes Rencontres are those rare moments spent in the company of the biggest names in photography. An invitation to the general public to dialogue with these photographers who give meaning to the present as well as to the past. All the true colors of the world are projected in large format! Optimistic or dark, poetic or realistic, they speak about us, and nothing beats the voice of the photographer to discover them. »

And as every year, exhibitors propose animations on their stand such as: workshops, portfolio readings, exhibitions, conferences, advice, meetings…

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Poster by Sonia Sieff


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