Jane B – Photographs by Tony Franck & Andrew Birkin

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13.12.19 → 01.03.20

For us, the French, Jane Birkin is “Jane”! Serge Gainsbourg is “Gainsbourg”. And Jane B. is as a member of the family; we’ve been seeing her since the late 1960s, so she’s been is part of our collective unconscious! We know his life, his style, his loves, his successes, his sorrows, his commitments, his smile… and that accent…
A few years ago, Jane Birkin came to the Gallery at a previous opening, she seemed to be rather fragile in the middle of the present crowd, I wanted to protect her from solicitations and other selfies.
Useless! The audience was so happy of his presence and so kind… It was a very nice moment, very soft, unforgettable… All these tender words, these smiles and this respect, natural and delicate. The Jane Birkin effect: familiarity, love and respect!
After a happy coincidence, I realized that our photographer Tony Frank was present at Régine near Deauville in 1969, during a lunch with Serge and Jane, and that Andrew, the older brother of Jane was also there with his camera. I found it fun to compare the two series, and to confront their points of view on this day. Then by looking at the other images of Andrew, I have wished to put in parallel the works of these two photographers, witnesses in their own way of momentsof this unforgettable couple.
Tony, accomplice of the best years of Gainsbourg, and Andrew, partner in the life of Jane, who we gives access, through its generosity, to moments in the life of these two artists who have left such a deep impression on the world our minds.

Photo credits

© Andrew Birkin – Courtesy Galerie de l’Instant, Paris
© Tony Frank – Courtesy Galerie de l’Instant, Paris


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