« Fête au Palace » by Arnaud Baumann

Paris ·

09.11.22 → 28.01.23

“At that time, Arnaud Baumann haunted the nights of the Palace, armed with a camera. He took pictures where poetry and aestheticism were mixed, he didn’t stop on the stars, like the others, but took the night club as a place inhabited by new ways of life, new morals. He took a series of photos with passion, but once finished, he did not want to show his work. Now, these pictures have aged like wine, and it is time to take them out of the boxes and exhibit them. Yes, we have lived a wonderful time.

Excerpt from Alain Pacadis in the afterword of the book “Fête au Palace”.



Galerie Harcourt
Studio Harcourt Paris
6 Rue de Lota
75016 Paris


Open, Tuesday to Saturday
11am to 5:30pm



Martial Hobeniche
Luce Guyon
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